Marumaru Atua Position @ 1800, June 2 | Pacific Voyagers


Marumaru Atua Position @ 1800, June 2

Marumaru Atua Position @ 1800 2/06/15
s19’08.66 w159’47.6

Hey guys,

Good to be out on the water again, sad to say goodbye to our brothers and sisters from Faafaite and Gaualofa but glad they are on their way home.
At the moment we are encountering a hot breeze from the SE (5-8kn) and a cloudless sky. Haunui and Te Matau just ahead, Faafaite to our stern.

Thank you to all of the people in Aitutaki for hosting the vaka crew, could not have asked for a better time

Cheers guys, take care


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