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Gaualofa is Home!

Talofa and Faafetai tele,

God is Good to us.

Gaualofa has made it home safe and sound. We celebrated her safe arrival yesterday, June 9th, 5pm in a very simple thanks giving ceremony on the beach.

A good crowd of Govt Reps, Overseas diplomats, schools and village communities provided traditional entertainments to welcome all, and to Congratulate Samoa’s first Captain for Gaualofa, Fealofani Bruun.

Samoa arrival 1

Thank you to the USA embassy office in Apia.

A milestone of our time, and we thank Dieter Paulmann for his trust in Samoa Voyaging Society,

We thank you very much, our sisters and brothers in the Pacific, Leaders of our Pacific Voyagers family and all for your encouragements.

We thank you very much to our Samoan communities, in Australia and New Zealand, to Edwin Puni and the Pacific Collective for your tireless supports.

Thank you to our Cook Island family’s hospitality.

Samoa arrival 2

She is now on display at the black sand beach in Apia, for the rest of this week, gearing up for the District Coastal Show around Upolu and Savaii, for the Grassroot promotional program, and shows of the Te Mana O Te Moana Film.

Thank you very much to you all,

God Bless,

Alofa atu,


Blog written by Ame Tanielu, Samoa Voyaging Society, June 10, 2015,

Picture credit: Tonga Voyaging Society

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