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Full Moon Departure

As dawn gently lit the sky and the full moon dipped towards the horizon the five waka crews were already up and into it.

It’s been a long time coming and a lot of hard work from a lot of people. The support we have had has been phenomenal from both our production team and our families and friends across the board. All we can do is thank them from the bottom of hearts for their patience and efforts in the lead up to today.

After a breakfast of champions, stewed apple, chocolate cake and a cuppa tea, I was blasting about for most of the morning picking up last minute bits and pieces while the crew finished off a few jobs on the waka.
Whanau came and went with smiles and tears and smiles and waves. As we paused for our final karakia there was a sense of peace on Haunui. A stillness that said it was time to leave.
“Kia pai te haere!”, “Good Luck!” “Kia kaha!” and we sailed out into the bright fresh afternoon. With a little time to wait for all the canoes to clear customs we did a bit of tack’n’gybe practice. A beautiful 15 knot Sou’Wester made it fun sailing up and down the harbour. Dodging traffic we headed out past Rangitoto looking spectacular in the setting sun. Five canoes, traditional rigs glowing in the golden light.
Truly one of Life’s magic moments.

The first fish came on board within twenty minutes of the lures being in the water. According to Maori custom it was returned to the sea in acknowledgement of Tangaroa and the bounty of his oceans. The first fish caught is always his.

Ten minutes later the second arrived and five minutes after that the third. It was a great start and three times as many fish as we caught on Marumaru Atua in three thousand miles last year. (hahaa, they’ll love me for that)

The vibe on board is relaxed and happy. We couldn’t have asked for a better start to this voyage and as we sit in the darkness with the not-quite-full moon and a few stars peeking thru the clouds we would like those we love to know that while this is our journey we carry you with us in our hearts.

Arohanui (Great Love) to you all, We’ll be in touch

Dunc and the Haunui crew

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