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Fossil Free Inter Island Transport

Pacific Voyagers has designed and constructed three different types of boats that provide alternative solution for most routine transport requirements within the Pacific islands, both in the North and South Pacific. All three versions of the vaka contain the same technologies and battery type, the same engines, controllers and switchboards. They differ only in battery size or engine performance. This enables us to offer a platform system that streamlines the production of the vessels as well as operational training and simplifies the provisioning of spare parts. All elements and parts will be held available in New Zealand for the South Pacific. Therefore, in case of a drop out or needed repair, all required parts can be sent quickly – a fact that will ensure a high degree of operating security.

Fossil fuel free transportation that can be built in the islands will help lower the cost of living and will create jobs. It will help connect remote island communities and will support a more efficient system by decreasing the need for imports and the reliance on diesel fuel.

VAKA MOANA – Ocean Voyaging Canoe
VAKA MOTU – Inter Island Transport Canoe
VAKA HAPUA – Lagoon Transport Canoe

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