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Film is one of the finest and most effective media in order to not only reach the heads but in particular the hearts of people and thus a perfect way to illustrate the problems affecting our blue canoe, the ocean, and to tell stories. We believe that film can best convey how greatly the oceans affect us. And how much we need a healthy ocean to survive.

The problems of the oceans and humankind are becoming more urgent and demand action. In order to do justice to at least some of those problems while at the same time share the beauty and magic of the sea and its creatures, we have decided to initiate two films of varying focus:

‘Our Blue Canoe’ is a quiet and mythical documentary about the journey of seven Vaka Moana and their crew of 100 Pan-Pacific Islanders across the Pacific Ocean as they retrace the steps of their ancestors, who first started populating the Pacific 5,000 years ago. The film has been finished at the end of 2015 and is now being edited and turned into a 3-hours television series which will not only incorporate the documentary ‘Our Blue Canoe’ but also the film ‘Te Mana O Te Moana – The Pacific Voyagers’. Both film projects are productions by Okeanos – Foundation for the Sea. If you have further questions regarding these films please contact Okeanos at

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