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Feeling and the Challenges that Follow…

After nearly two years of being away from home and missing family & friends I can totally say that Home is in every single mind of the Children of TE MANA O TE MOANA. Being away from a place we all find comfort in for such a very long times triggers me to think deeply into my heart and askingmyself questions, “Did we really appreciate the greatness of what God has bestowed upon us in our Daily lives; The fresh green grass that we set foot on every morning as we awake as the sun beams down into our door steps inviting us to live another day in Gods Mercy. Did I really thank my mum for her tiring effort to make breakfast every morning for her 5 growing children? The list goes on and on, and every single children of TE MANA O TE MOANA has a story to tell. But all I can say is with  TE MANA O TE MOANA happening or taking  place it has gathered a family so big and so strong, that even in our wildest dream we never thought of dreaming dreams for it was just so far out of reach. Making every single moment that we spend together a life changing moment forall of us. The ups and downs, the happy and sad moment shared, the tears and the bright smile, they are flashing at this very moment before my eyes.  The strangers that now have become our friends may or may have not seen it, but I guess the reason why I’m saying all this or finding it hard to get words to say this, is that right at this moment I already have a really big space in my heart that is missing in which is making me feel incomplete and lost.

“Will I see them again? When will I see them again? Was this all a  dream, was this really real? Did I actually visit old George the Tortoise that lives in Galapagos’? Am I going crazy?” I find it hard to sleep, eat, drink and all daily activities for I just don’t know what to do. I’m stuck looking into my screen and starring at pictures from the beginning till now, pictures of home, letters I copied and pasted off from my email from strangers, friends and family that I just continuously read over and over again just to find comfort. Or  even watch a MOVIE to get me tired so that I can go to sleep and just not think of it; and still I wake up to the laughter of my crew, there smiles and funny jokes. But as I look close, everyone is thinking of the time when we will actually return to our HOME and live life. How will we cope without hearing the different languages in the morning, but we will try to readjust everything that we have experience  the last pass two years to our normal life. It will be hard and even though we are going through this we have to remember that great opportunity comes to an end sometime and that we have to get ready to move on. So in our return home we are to implement that great experience that we just had to our normal lives and share it with as much people as possible, for they need to know what we have seen and heard. At the same timewe  hold the sorrow that we have in our hearts  of not being together with the TE MANA O TE MOANA family. I know this will be  a challenge to us all…

So right now, we are sailing towards New Caledonia and already are separated from our Samoan brothers, and after weeping together we are now headed to another stop where we will separate with the other canoes and most likely the tears will over flow more than in Solomon’s. So at this moment, I try to put aside all sad feelings that I have right now and enjoy the last bit of the voyage home. It will be hard but just like the voyage we got to be strong and believe that we can do it. FOR we are not alone no more; We have the support of our Tupuna who was always there from the very beginning,  our brothers and sisters from our neighboring islands and therefore should remind us to  stay strong; For our family, our country and not forgetting each other….

Ka Kite/ Hine Moana





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