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E noho ra!

Wednesday 20th April, 1pm

Spent the night watch sitting like a duck in water with sails down, apparently we had sailed too fast for the camera crew who wanted to film us in the morning with a bit of the whenua in the background. It was a good time to ‘share story’ or ‘watch movie’.
After sharing story with Mike (the director of the documentary) about how to treat all peoples of the world as you do your waka brothers and sisters it was about time for me to brush my teeth over the side of the waka. A shadow was seen in the darkness of the water but not clear enough to say what it was, however it seems to be a sign that someone is watching out for us, maybe later in the voyage the shadow will reveal something to us. One of the watches also sighted a few dolphins in the middle of the night, another good sign.
Hit the bed late in the night, with lots of noise but not enough to keep us awake. Dreams consisted of hundreds of dolphins encircling the waka, good signs keep flowing.
Woke up this morning to the sounds of the helicopter flying above the waka, and not too soon after waking up, dolphins encircled the waka giving us a good send off. After a couple of hours the helicopter left us, which meant that we could change the rigs of the waka. Now with a full set of sails up and ready to do the business we set off in the small metre chop swells and 10-15 knot winds heading East by South. So far we have done about 100 nautical miles and traveling between 5-10 knots.

Alright whānau it’s almost time for us to do something really important.

Quote of the day: ‘We’ll stay back with you’ Uto Ni Yalo to Evohe.

Lesson learned today: You get given a rope. You hold onto rope.

Te Matau/Tāwhana signing off.

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