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Documentary “Extinction Soup” available on iTunes

The documentary “Extinction Soup” premiered on Fusion TV on World Oceans Day, June 8, 2015. It was produced by Stefanie Brendl, Founder and Board President of Shark Allies, and Sidney Sherman, the founder and CEO of Rosa Entertainment, an independent film/television production and management company. It is now also available for purchase through iTunes.

The film was selected for many international documentary film festivals and was the Conservation Award winner at the San Francisco International Ocean Film Festival in 2014.


Plot Summary:

EXTINCTION SOUP follows documentary filmmaker Philip Waller on his quest for adventure as he sets out to tell the story of his larger-than-life friend and extreme sports legend, Jimmy Hall. The film quickly takes a surprise turn when Waller finds himself consumed with exposing to the world an environmental catastrophe in the making – the extinction of the oceans’ shark population through the mass slaughter of these magnificent animals for their fins. Waller documents the efforts of conservationist Stefanie Brendl as she fights to educate lawmakers and help pass ground-breaking legislation that will curb the consumption of shark fin soup, considered a delicacy in many Eastern cultures, and the impetus behind 70 million sharks being killed per year.

Watch the trailer…

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Help the Sharks, Save the Ocean.

The NGO Shark Allies features the efforts made around the world on behalf of sharks. The main focus of its work lies on education and raising awareness, protecting sharks in the Pacific and changing the image of sharks.

The Major Issues and Solutions:

1) The negative image of sharks causes irrational fear and misconceptions.
Solutions: Create and support realistic media and provide education.

2) The Trade of fins is the reason millions of sharks are killed every year.
Solutions: Reduce the demand for soup and ban the trade and sale of fins.

3) Overfishing is wiping out sharks all over the world.
Solutions: Create areas of full protection through the creation of shark sanctuaries and reduce catch and by-catch of sharks through fin trade and fishing regulations.

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With your purchase of the film and funding to Shark Allies you can help taking the documentary around the world. Funding will enable Shark Allies to promote the film, to organize screening events and to produce additional language versions and subtitles. There are a lot of ways you can help the sharks and through that help save the ocean.

Spread the word. Encourage others to watch the film.

Blog by Tina Baumgartner for Pacific Voyagers, June 15, 2015

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