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Uto Ni Yalo

Uto Ni Yalo

Innovation and change

from the Uto ni Yalo on its way to Aitutaki. Our timeĀ  in port will be occupied with activities and events. We look forward to meeting the Fijian and Rotuman communities in Aitutaki and Rarotonga. Each drua has been invited to bring a stone with them to a marae on Aitutaki...

Mahi mahi bites back

Report from Uto Ni Yalo in position Lat 34 17.0(S), Long 179 50.3(E)   We finally departed the viaduct on Tuesday 20th April after a month in Auckland doing maintenance and waiting for the right weather. It was an emotional farewell to the local Fijian community, friends and well wishers. Big Vinaka...

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