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Uto Ni Yalo

Uto Ni Yalo

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The Gifting of Vaka Moana 'Uto Ni Yalo'

Kia ora Voyagers, Yesterday marked the true end of the voyage of the seven canoes that started five years ago, Te Mana o Te Moana.  The last of the canoes, Uto Ni Yalo, have found her home with Uto Ni Yalo Trust in Fiji. Uto Ni Yalo is currently moored in Lautoka...

Sink or Swim

An older reflection from the Uto Ni Yalo From Lattitude 15o S, Longitude 164o E Lets take time away from our crew happenings to dwell on something we've all been discussing on board. Effectively, this is what we are all passionate about. Here you have a group of 15 crew on board...

Pacific Voyagers Presentations…Passion and Potential

There is a feeling that we call ‘chicken skin’ in Hawai’i. It can be generated in the human body from a variety of situations…. perhaps a story of spirit, of uncanny synchrony, or, in this case, presentations by the Pacific Voyagers. Something has made these presentations, in a humble hale...

Messages of hope

From the Uto ni Yalo, your unofficial flagship, as it embarks on the next leg of this incredible journey that started in 2010 and will end after we return home from the Solomon Islands via New Caledonia and Rotuma (still to confirm) in August. While it will be signifcant to...

Pacific Voyagers as messengers

From the Uto ni Yalo as we pass through the middle of a swirling low pressure system that has us wet and battered most of these last two days. Interesting  weather - different from anything we've encountered since departing San Diego in January! Previous articles have been exploring education and what...

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