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Film News

Cousteau Family Honored with the Attenborough Award “Secret Ocean 3D” Grants Cousteau Excellence in Nature Filmmaking Award

The second day of the Santa Barbara International Film Festival found the Arlington Theatre packed with many eager to meet the legendary Cousteau family. Jean-Michel Cousteau, son of ocean explorer Jacques Cousteau, and his children Fabien and Celine have dedicated their lives to the education and conservation of...

“Much of What We Do is Spycraft”: Racing Extinction | Director Louie Psihoyos

What fear — whether it’s personal, or one related to the development, financing, production or distribution of your film — did you have to confront and conquer in the making of your movie? Racing Extinction is like The Avengers but real, but you might want to bring Kleenex.” Scene from "Racing Extinction" There’s...

Meet the 2015 Sundance Filmmakers #19: ‘The Cove’ Director Louie Psihoyos Brings the Fight to Land for ‘Racing Extinction’

"We're not trying to save the whole planet - just 70% of it." Louie Psihoyos is a former National Geographic photographer turned filmmaker who also runs a small non-profit called The Oceanic Preservation Society. Their motto used to be, "We're not trying to save the whole planet - just...

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