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Approaching Apia

Talofa from Gaualofa!

We are 76 miles from Apia…so close…

Here is our latest blog…

Whas up my minions?! It’s been a while since I had anything to write about. I think the first blog was when we left Samoa in 2011 heading to New Zealand, extra virgin… and arriving in French Polynesia with sea legs and a knack of cooking on the run. With my new family of 120 Pacific Voyagers, 14 different nations having our first beer together after 28 days, after fighting the worst the elements could give us. Seven va’a headed towards the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave, a place that needed to hear the environmental call.  San-FRAN- Cisco. Golden Gate Bridge. Who would have ever thought I’d see a Samoan Flag waving in the wind on land to the right as we were sailing under the bridge? Does that mean Samoans are there?!

Arriving at Treasure Island, Dwayne Johnson was not waiting for us. Instead there was a group that called themselves Fa’atasi. It was my first encounter with Samoans born and bred in the U.S.A. Ex military, ex convicts, but %100 home grown pure Samoan with alofa that could kill you. They looked after us by putting us up in hotels, feeding us, doing whatever we needed. They showed us their city, opened up their homes like we were all family. One of my favorite stops, and one of my favorite lines; “there’s no such thing as half love.”  I’ve got nothing but love for Fa’atasi and Camp Unity.
Sailing down towards Malibu, me and Kalolo ran into a Hawaiian superstar named Jason Momoa, he zoomed over to the va’a on his jet ski and invited us to dinner at his place that night, but we had an appointment with the fleet at an Indian reservation. So we had to decline much to his disappointment, but he understood. That’s the life of a voyager, not to be under rated. But it wasn’t all sad, we did get to meet a McGuire in the biz.

That’s all for now biscuits…. Fa Laterz!!!
Lolly Pop standing by 69

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