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About Us

‘Pacific Voyagers’ is not a legal entity. It rather is like a “family brand” for the local traditional voyaging societies in the South Pacific whos 7 vakas and people participated in the 2011/2012 ‘Te Mana o Te Moana’ voyage and for other crew members. A group of more than 100 people from across the Pacific and beyond united in this voyage, and former strangers became fellows and close friends, connected by their experiences on board of the vakas, companionship and concern to care for the ocean.

Pacific Voyagers’ bond is still very strong as now, five years later, they continue to raise awareness for the ocean and strive to revive the cultural traditions of ocean voyaging, based on the wisdom of their ancestors, combined with modern science and know-how. Today they exchange their own knowledge and experience among themselves and pass it on to the youth on their islands.

They know that the health of the oceans reflects the health of the people. And when this is truly acknowledged, when we are all aware of extensive threats to the ocean, and when we care about the future of our children, the only logical step is to create a new vision, a sustainable sail plan based on values of interconnectedness, respect and stewardship for the ocean.

Together with the Okeanos Foundation the local voyaging societies in the Pacific consitute a network of Vaka Moanas and Vaka Motus to promote and expand fossil fuel free inter-island sea transportation with vakas across the region.